Crossfunction: Shall we listen to Paul or Apollos?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Shall we listen to Paul or Apollos?

Proteus, a son of Abraham, a citizen of Corinth, and follower of the Christ Jesus preached by Apollos, to Paulus a brother and fellow believer. Greetings.

Are we then to accept the teachings of every man who preaches Christ, even though his words and actions depart from what God has revealed through our fathers the patriarchs? It is said that You reject circumcision, which Moses gave us as an everlasting covenant. Do you make the children of Abraham equal to pagans? Apollos has preached here in our city on many sabbaths, and has not given us this teaching.

It is further said that you have been expelled from synagogues in many cities and have received the indignation of holy men. How are we to know whether you are sent by God or Beelzebul?

Why should we listen to You?

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